• The City of Amsterdam has forced us to shut down our meeting offerings at this location.
    We are currently looking for a new venue. In the meantime you can always email us (info@amstelmeetings.com) or call (020-261 58 89).
    This way you can also enjoy your meeting on the water as many like you did before.


These people and companies preceded you for a sparkling meeting, meeting, welcome, farewell or (annual) presentation with us on the water.

great experience for foreign offices

We have booked the Amstel Meetings houseboat for two days for a meeting with our colleagues from our foreign offices. It was a true experience. More fun than a meeting at a boring office space. Our guests were pleasantly surprised.Especially the drinks at the end at the water were great!


team outing

For an annual meeting I took my team to the boat. We are at the end of the Amstel so I thought it would be nice to have the connection with the water. The room has everything we needed, good beamer and whiteboard. We will come back for sure.

D. Janse


Our management wanted a nice place to have a meeting. It was important to be able to park nearby. Lunch was perfect. Simple, but fun & refreshing. The view and the agitation of the Amstel made it an impressive day. Sincerely,