• The City of Amsterdam has forced us to shut down our meeting offerings at this location.
    We are currently looking for a new venue. In the meantime you can always email us (info@amstelmeetings.com) or call (020-261 58 89).
    This way you can also enjoy your meeting on the water as many like you did before.

about us

The houseboat has been in our possession since October 2017. In the six years before that it was already a Bed & Breakfast where guests from all over the world are given a super beautiful and unforgettable memory.

We were asked to accommodate companies and meetings more and more often. Hence this dedicated site to provide small teams with an unforgettable day or days. People love to exchange ideas or celebrate something in a different place.
This is now possible on a wide part of the Amstel. Tranquility and yet very vibrant.

Can we welcome you and your team on board shortly?


Team AMSTEL Meetings